Listening Tips and Strategies for IELTS

Listening Tips and Strategies for IELTS


IELTS is the International English language test system that tests the proficiency of people who want to work and study in English where English is the native language. By improving these skills, they can communicate with anyone without any nervousness. Two types of training are necessary for students or learners and these are IELTS Academic Training and IELTS General Training. Academic training is for those who want to apply for higher education and or for professional registration and General Training is for those who want to apply for secondary education training programs and for getting work experience in an English-speaking environment like UK, Canada, and USA etc. To get these training, many tips are required. Some general tips for IELTS Test are related to listening, reading, speaking and writing. But here we will discuss Listening tips and Strategies required for IELTS exam.

We will discuss IELTS General Tips to score in IELTS exams. These are:

IELTS listening Tips and Strategies

Tip 1 – IELTS Listening Practice

It is very important to know that practice is the key point for every kind of success. For IELTS, you will have to try to listen to someone or more than one person at a time. It is very difficult to listen to more than one person at a time but it is necessary to practice it.

Tip 2 – Spelling Correction

Your spelling must be correct because due to incorrect spelling you will lose marks and can’t score in IELTS test. Sometimes, some hard words are used in the recording but you must try to practice to listen to words and record it for later use. The only UK and US spelling are allowed in IELTS listening test.

Tip 3 – Read the Questions Attentively

After ending of every section. You will be provided 30 to 40 seconds for analyzing next questions of next section. Read the questions attentively and carefully and think about the best answer for it. Because when recording will start, you will feel nervous and listen to recording so at least try to think about the meaning of words.

Tip 4 – transfer answers carefully

After ending of the 4th section, you will be provided 10 minutes in which you will have to transfer the answers in the answer sheet. While transferring, be careful either your spelling is correct or not? And either your grammar is correct or not? If any spelling mistake or grammatically mistake will be found, you can’t get good marks in IELTS.

Tip 5 – Use Capital Letters

If you have any issue or have messy writing then it is better to write all words and sentences in Capital letters. Otherwise, every sentence starting letter will be capital or someone’s name or place name should be in capital letter.

Tip 6 – Follow the principles

Keep it in your mind that either you have followed the instructions or not? For example, if a question has a limit that words should not exceed more than 100 and you use more than 100 words in that question then it will be considered incorrect.

Tip 7 – practice to listen US, UK, Canada accents

Because in IELTS test, the accents of UK, US, and Canada voices will be recorded and you will have to listen to their wording carefully. So it is good to listen to them before appearing in the test. For example, you should practice listening to the news in the UK, US, and Canada. In this way, you can hear their wording easily and you can understand their style of talking.

Tip 8 – Read past papers

Before appearing in IELTS, it is necessary to read past papers of IELTS. It is an amazing practice through which you can score in IELTS.

Tip 9 – Solve Easy Questions First

You should try to solve easy questions first in IELTS and later try to solve difficult questions. Because you will have to complete every section within the limited period of time. So manage your time in IELTS test.

Tip 10 – listen Recording

Listen to recording carefully because, in IELTS exam, it will be heard only once. So practice listening to the recording in your home more than one times. But in Exam, the scenario will be different.

Tip 11 – Test your skills

In IELTS listening test, just listening is not enough for the test. In this test, your skills, understanding capability is also checked.

Tip 12 – Don’t leave any blank spaces

It is the best practice in IELTS listening test that doesn’t leave any blank spaces because it is considered not good.

Tip 13 – Grammar Correction

This is the best tip for IELTS listening Exam through which you can get highest marks in IELTS. Because grammar is the basic thing in the English language. If your grammar will be correct, you can understand all phrases and sentences that will be used in the passage. Your grammatical mistakes can affect your performance in IELTS exam.

Tip 14 – Appropriate Answer

Your answer should be appropriate according to the question that is asked of you in IELTS. For Example, if it is asked about your favorite hobbies, just answer it accurately. Don’t try to explain ‘How’, ‘When’ and ‘Why’. Just answer the question to the point.

Tip 15 – Shorthand Words

You can also practice using shorthand words in IELTS. It is a time-saving tip in IELTS listening strategy because when you will use shorthand words accurately, it saves your time. Suppose you have written “approx” instead of “Approximately” and “Eng” Instead of “English”. So, shorthand words should be used according to sentences.

We will discuss IELTS General Tips to score in IELTS exams. These are:


Here are the best IELTS listening Tips and Strategies. By applying these tips, you can score 8+ bands in IELTS Listening exam. If you want to score with 8+ bands or 9 bands in IELTS listening exam, you must follow these tips. After making practice, you will produce the ability in yourself to listen every recording in IELTS listening test. In this way, you will not feel nervousness while listening in IELTS exam. So follow these tips and also apply in your IELTS exam. If you like these tips, share this article with your buddies. Have a great response in IELTS listening test.

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