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IELTS Exam Tips


IELTS is the abbreviation of “International English Language Testing System”. It is the proficiency test of listening, writing, reading and speaking the English language well but first, you will have to get the skills like general tips for IELTS for scoring this test. There are many skills required for passing the test and many of the people are not known about it. Many strategies that are compulsory to know and that will show you a right way to learn IELTS requirements for the test.

We will discuss IELTS General Tips to score in IELTS exams. These are:

IELTS General Tips

There are many general IELTS exam tips and strategies that you will have to analyze and you can’t score in IELTS exam without knowing about them.

Tip 1 – Information about the Format

Before appearing in IELTS, you have the knowledge of the format of test that which type of questions you will have to answer. If you don’t know about the format and direct appear in IELTS, you will not mentally prepare yourself for IELTS test.

Tip 2 – Time Management

Time management is very essential to complete the IELTS test and answer the questions within time limits. If you have no idea about the format then definitely you can’t manage your time according to questions. So time management is indirectly connected to format information of IELTS.

Tip 3 – Grip your Language Skills

In IELTS, skills play an important role because if you use the plural word where you should use the singular word, it creates a serious problem. It looks a little mistake but these errors can cost you your desired score. So grammar rules, vocabulary, and spelling must be correct.

Tip 4 – Matching Answer to Matching Question

In IELTS, it is essential to know how to attempt a question and how to give an accurate answer according to question. So, if a question is asked about you, don’t answer it about your family. Answer it according to yourself. And if it is asked about your hobbies, just write about your hobbies. Don’t try to write extra explanation like ‘How’, ‘Why’, ‘When’ etc.

Tip 5 – Organize your ideas

In IELTS test, mention your organized and well-formed ideas in a well-mannered way in the exam. It impresses the examiner and you can get good marks.

Tip 6 – Manage your Tasks

Manage your questions according to marks. For Example, it may possible that task one has fewer marks and task 2 has more marks. So you will have to focus on task 2 because, in this way, you can score in IELTS exam with an appropriate answer.

Tip 7 – Words Management

Words Management is also necessary to attempt any task. For example, if task one has a limitation ‘Don’t exceed  150 words then you need to write an answer within 150 words. If you exceed words, extra words will have no importance.

Tip 8 – Directly Speak to Examiner

Always speak directly to the Examiner, not to the recording equipment.

Tip 9 – Briefing of Questions

Whenever you reply in the form of ‘yes’ or ‘No’ to the examiner’s Question, try to clear the answer to the briefing.

Tip 10 – Skills test

In IELTS test, you are judged by your ability and skills, not by your general knowledge. To answer the question by using your skills and techniques.

Tip 11 – Listen to Recording

Listen to the recording until it stops. And it is necessary to listen to it attentively.

Tip 12 – Test to check Sentences

After recording, you will be provided the timing for transferring your answers to answer sheet. Transfer it and check your spellings and grammar.

Tip 13 – Go through the Test

If you don’t understand any word or phrase, don’t waste your time on it. Just move on and solve others.

IELTS General Tips for Listening

There are many IELTS exam tips required for listening in IELTS. Listening is the essential part in general tips for IELTS.

Tip 1 : IELTS general tip for listening is to read the questions before starting the audio. In this way, you can concentrate on your question and can give a proper and accurate answer by focusing on it.

Tip 2 : Write your answers in a notebook. It will help you to answer easily in IELTS because, during test time, everyone feels nervous and depressed and forgot everything. So if you write all answers in your booklet that you are given then you can definitely write it clearly.

Tip 3 : Your Handwriting must be clear and good because if you have written an answer to the question but your handwriting is not understood by examiner then he will consider it wrong. So Handwriting is the important tip for IELTS.

Tip 4 : If you feel that you missed a question then don’t focus on it and search it again. It’s a wastage of time Just move on and try to answer the next question accurately.

Tip 5 : Just follow the instructions that are mentioned in IELTS test. Suppose it is written that ‘Don’t use more than one word’ and answer in one word. Don’t try to exceed words. Otherwise, it will be considered as wrong and incorrect. Suppose you have answered ‘a train’ instead of ‘Train’, it will be considered as incorrect.

Tip 6 : Use all CAPITAL letters if you don’t know where to capitalize the letter. So use all capital letters because it saves you from mistakes.

IELTS General Tips for Reading

There are many IELTS exam tips required for reading in IELTS. Reading is the essential part in general tips for IELTS.

Tip 1 : Read books and articles that are full of informative words because if you have not read any book or don’t have any idea of summarizing words or English Language then you can’t score in IELTS.  It’s about using a combination of skills to problem-solve and answer a question.Whenever you gain knowledge, you can do your best in IELTS.

Tip 2 :  Know how about the format of the test. As is discussed above, it is the center point through which you can gain marks in IELTS. Because whenever you don’t know about the format, you will not be fully prepared. So it is the most important tip in IELTS test.

Here is the list of different tasks that you will see on general tips for reading:

Matching Questions

  • Matching heading
  • Matching features
  • Matching Information
  • Matching Sentence Ending

Multiple Choice Information

  • A/B/C/D
  • Yes/No/Not Given
  • True/False/Not given

Completion Tasks

  • Summary, Notes, Table, Flow-chart Completion Tasks
  • Sentence Completion Task
  • Diagram Completion Task

Tip 3 : With knowing the format of the test, it is also necessary to know about questions. It means you will have to gain the idea that how to answer the question in an effective manner so that you can impress the examiner.

Tip 4 : Make your own practice test. It is very important to test yourself for IELTS. In this way, you can clear many questions that will appear in your mind. So make your practice by following steps:

  • Step 1 : Choose any news channel or book or an article to read in which you have interest.
  • Step 2 : Choose the most important points from these articles or books and write it in your notebook for future remembering.
  • Step 3 : If you see any word or phrase or sentence that you can’t understand, search it on Google and find the best answer to it and transfer it also on your notebook.

Tip 5 : Choose the best title in which you have interest.

Tip 6 : Diagram Labeling is necessary for IELTS test because it improves your performance in test and helps the examiner to understand your module easily and effectively.

IELTS General Tips for Writing

There are many IELTS exam tips required for writing in IELTS. Writing is the essential part in general tips for IELTS. you must spend on writing task just 20 minutes and not try to exceed more than 150words.

Tip 1 : Before writing something, it is important to read questions carefully and attentively. And when you start writing in IELTS, keep it in your mind that you must write the answer related to the matching question. It is the best attempt at solving any question.

Tip 2 : Try to write words, amazing sentences in the form of passage on your notebook. It is the best practice before writing in IELTS test.

Tip 3: Don’t focus on anything else. If you are attempting a question, don’t focus on another previous or next questions. Just Concentrate on that question you are writing.

Tip 4 : Don’t write any answer too short or too long. It can create the problem for you in scoring in IELTS. Just write according to the requirements of the question.

Tip 5 : Don’t repeat same words in same question or passage. Try to write something new. Every different word you use may impact on the examiner. By using good grammar, words, and pronunciation, you can score in IELTS test.

IELTS General Tips for Speaking

There are many IELTS exam tips required for speaking in IELTS. Speaking is the essential part in general tips for IELTS.

Tip 1 : First, improve your pronunciation by watching English movies and TV Serials, you like to watch. It is the perfect practice to better your pronunciation.

Tip 2 : This tip provides the facility to you to listen to yourself. Find the place where you can read an article or book loudly and listen to your voice comfortably. Sometimes, you feel silly and hesitate to speak but believe it, you feel confident in yourself.

Tip 3 :  While speaking to yourself, record your voice and ask some questions to yourself like favorite hobbies, your family information, your siblings etc. In this way, you can judge yourself by listening to your recording later.

Tip 4 : While speaking, your eye contact and your body language must be correct. This is an amazing way to show your confidence.

Tip 5 : If you slip up, try not to let that distract you. Move on and try again to speak well by focusing on words and pronunciation. It will help you to terminate your hesitation.

We will discuss IELTS General Tips to score in IELTS exams. These are:


This is all about the IELTS general tips moreover you can also post your own research and work in the form of comments below related to the IELTS exam tips. By trying these general tips for reading, writing, speaking and listening, you can score well in IELTS exam and produce confidence in yourself. We will keep on updating our work from time to time so that students can be aware of the English language and improve their skills. If you like this post don’t hesitate to share it with your buddies.Share your valuable feedback with us in the form of comments given below. If you want to score in IELTS test, you will have to need to improve your general skills. After preparing yourself by trying the above-mentioned tips, you can score well in IELTS exam.

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